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Creating an Arizona Will or Trust can involve difficult issues, as can the probate process. At Casebolt Law Firm, PLC, our attorneys are experienced with all aspects of estate planning, including writing Arizona Wills and creating living trusts, as well as trust administration and probate matters involving will disputes and trust litigation. When you need legal support in planning or estate administration, we can provide the guidance and protection you need.

Casebolt Law Firm, PLC understands the importance of the decisions you are making and will never rush you through the process. We are dedicated to helping our clients throughout the estate planning,  probate and estate administration process. We will protect your rights and the estate.

Arizona Wills and Trusts

Devising an estate plan for your loved ones requires an attorney who pays careful attention to detail, who is sensitive to your needs, and who has an ability to foresee potential pitfalls. Throughout the planning process, our attorneys will remain attentive to the details of your estate plan. Typically, at a minimum, you will want to have a Last Will and Testament, General Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney and a Declaration of Living Will. You also may choose to form a revocable "living" trust to avoid probate of the assets. We also regularly form family limited liability companies and irrevocable trusts such as life insurance trusts and Qualified Personal Residence Trusts for our clients.

Arizona Probate

At the time you are responsible for the probate of a loved one's Will, you may already feel overwhelmed by loss, financial insecurity, and the requirements for asset distribution to beneficiaries. If you are responsible for a probate estate, the involvement of legal counsel can help protect the estate as well as your personal assets. Our attorneys will assist with probating the Will, distribution of assets, tax returns, tax planning and any litigation that may arise out of the probate process, such as a Will contest or estate dispute.